Facility management accelerator for Dynamics 365:
Get more from your investment — and more quickly.

Facility management is about reducing costs, saving time, and optimizing every workflow — from asset management to HR.


Domain 6’s Facility Management Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ALSO about reducing costs, saving time, and optimization in implementing your solution. Let us show you how.

Features & Benefits


Manage any asset and data related to it such as location, type, maintenance requirements, status, and more. Incorporate next level automation from sensors and other IoT devices.


Quickly capture known information from multiple sources, Automatically prioritize and route, and uncover the best course(s) of action for first call resolution. Optimize use of human resources and your overall supply chain.


Improve and automate scheduling of staff and ensure you always have the right person in the right place at the right time. We’ll deploy and tailor Universal Scheduling in Dynamics 365 to suit your existing and future teams.


Manage your facilities, teams, and processes from wherever you may be with a mobile facility management interface. Empower staff in the field with the necessary data and business applications to better serve your customers and business needs.

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