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Seize the opportunities created in 2021 using digital transformation

If you are thinking about using technology to help your senior living community survive 2022 and thrive in the years ahead, our guide has five important focus areas you need to get on right now. Here are some examples…

Lead Management

Senior living facilities experienced a 41% decrease in sales inquiries, a 27% decrease in initial tours, and a 22% decrease in move-ins after the pandemic began. Do you have the technology in place that will help you change these numbers?

Billing Accuracy

Poor record-keeping is one of the main causes of billing errors. It often results from using a paper-based or manual recordkeeping system to track services and supplies covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Sounds familiar?

Driving Innovation

Telehealth has grown in use due to the pandemic but it’s not going away. Implementing a secure health and telecommunications tool will help senior living facilities to provide residents with a greater level of care. Are you prepared?

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