IntelliSpace 365

A purpose-built, next generation solution for residential, commercial and mixed-use property management firms

Enable smart services for your property

IntelliSpace 365 is a purpose-built next-generation solution for residential, commercial and mixed-use property management firms looking to digitally transform their business. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and Dynamics 365, IntelliSpace 365 breaks down data silos created by traditional solutions and helps companies operate their properties better. 

Better engage your tenants

Empower your people

Optimize operations

Your business transformation starts here

tenant management

Better Engage Your Tenants & Understand Your Customers

  • Build customer trust by giving tenants access to all of their billing, consumption and maintenance info all from one place
  • Create a seamless tenant experience that enables them to make important requests with a self-service tenant portal

Optimize Your Operations

  • Facility management – create and organize different types of both shared and wholly-leased facilities to track maintenance, upgrades and billing across your suite of properties
  • Utility management – leverage dynamic meter creation to assign and track readings of utility or use meters for any of your properties to keep detailed logs of usage, payment history and outstanding costs. Track usage to discover overages or potential issues before customers are aware.
  • Work order management – get real-time updates on IoT devices to better track issues, respond to customer needs and track preventative maintenance
  • The power of deployment choice – choose a stand-alone application or use multiple applications that work together as a powerful integrated solution to meet the specific needs of your business

Empower Your People

  • Easy-to-follow process-driven workflows to quickly & easily deliver meaningful experiences for key roles within your organization
  • Provide end-to-end visibility of your business through data-fueled insights
  • Empower property service technicians with a 360-degree view of your customers and real-time guidance to improve resolution time and earn customer trust

Reimagine Real Estate

  • Harness the power of IoT to detect and diagnose problems before customers become aware of an issue
  • Transform your organization and shift to a proactive, predictive service model that reduces cost, predicts equipment failures, accelerates repairs and recommends systemic prevention measures
  • Drive innovation with an application that’s easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use
  • Continued product investment and new capability brought-to-market from Microsoft spanning Cloud, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and more


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