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Take advantage of Octoberfest special offers to accelerate your property management digital transformation

Help Your Business Thrive with Industry-Specific CRM Solution

Key business challenges we help eliminate

Adjustment to Property Values

Commercial property owners must adjust in net leasable area to satisfy compliance regulations and meet their tenants’ reduced space requirements. Do it quickly with Domain 6 solutions.

Ever-Changing Lease Structures

Updates to lease structures must consider compliance requirements with respect to the allowed occupancy levels per square foot. Stay compliant with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Domain 6 accelerators.

Better Reporting for Contingency

Investing in real estate requires some level of uncertainty. You need accurate reporting in order to calculate capital reserves. Get real-time data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

Solutions that We Offer to Support Your Daily Operations

Take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Domain 6 industry expertise and Xpertdoc Document Automation solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Adapt and innovate with the only portfolio of business applications that empowers your organization to deliver operational excellence and delight every customer.

Domain 6 Accelerators

Get tailored solutions to your unique business needs in less than a week.
The concept of an accelerator is to bring 80% of the functionality needed for your industry in an easily deployable package that is maintained by Domain 6.

Xpertdoc Document Automation

Simplify, Optimize and Automate Your Documents. Better and Faster. Transform your business processes with powerful document generation and automation to deliver documents that drive engagement and growth.

Special Offers


Get 4 hours of lead, opportunity, and contract generation assessment of your current CRM/ Leasing + a customized roadmap for digital transformation

  • Free with any purchase within 3 month
  • $800 with no obligation to purchase


Implementation of:
  • 1 lead to contract lifecycle using out of box business processes: (Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Contract & Agreement)
  • 2 Xpertdoc document templates
  • 30 Days Proof of concept fee ($3,500) includes:

    • D365 Sales + D6 Accelerator + Xpertdoc

    Does not include:

    • Data migration

    *Min purchase 2 users @ $150 / user/ month


    Implementation of:
  • 2 lead to contract lifecycles (Residential, Commercial) + OOB functionality asset structure, asset agreements, lead, opportunity, account, contacts, 5 security roles, 3 dashboards
  • 5 Xpertdoc templates
  • additional 10 fields
  • 2 custom reports
  • Setup and Config fee ($42,500) includes:

    • D365 Sales + D6 Accelerator + Xpertdoc
    • Under 6000 Documents/Year, Signature enabled
    • Master data migration support

    *Min purchase 8 users @ $150 / user/ month

    Optional: Ongoing Support – $2,000/ month – 30 hrs/ month

    *Offers are valid until December 31st 2021

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