IntelliSpace 365

Facility Management Made Smarter

IntelliSpace 365 is a facility management solution designed for real estate and property management firms that are looking to better manage their tenant experience.

The solution serves all industries that support real estate, such as specialty service organizations, residential real estate, commercial and industrial property firms.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and IntelliSpace 365 you gain the ability to:

  • Create dynamic templates for common properties to aid in creation and organization
  • Track tenant/customer relations for properties, facilities and serviceable objects
  • Track utility meter consumption to facilitate
  • Utilize Microsoft Dynamics Connected Field Service to associate your properties and facilities to aid in work order management and technician dispatching with detailed service histories
  • Better optimize technician time by seeing upcoming service activities and combining them on the same deployment

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IntelliSpace 365 – Solution Built for Real Estate and Property Management

IntelliSpace 365 Transforms Your Property Into Smart and Efficient Space

Built as an extension to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product line, IntelliSpace 365 delivers a revolutionized approach to your facilities management, providing the following capabilities:

Facility Management

Create and organize different types of both shared and wholly-leased facilities to track maintenance, upgrades and billing across your suite of properties. By implementing IntelliSpace 365 and Dynamics 365 for Field Service work orders, maintenance and case management can be seamlessly integrated to better track work, solutions and history of facilities.

Utility Management

With dynamics meter creation you can assign and track readings of utility or use meters for any of your properties to keep detailed logs of usage, payment history and outstanding costs. Track usage to discover overages or potential issues before customers are aware.

Property Management

Design Property Structure Templates to better aid in structure and enable focused design and heightened organization. Locate resources by tenant/customer name, guided hierarchies, and power-search features to expedite service. Automatically generate cases from incoming emails, connect them to clients, and assign to service teams with powered workflows. With detailed property histories and information fields you can maintain records across multiple tenants/customers for the life of the resource.

Work Order Streamline

With the power of IntelliSpace 365 and Dynamics 365 for Connected Field Service you can get real-time updates on Internet of Things devices to better track issues, respond to customer needs and track preventative maintenance. Send configuration updates and other commands directly through Dynamics 365 for research, transfer alerts to cases to work orders to dispatched technicians in one seamless process to expedite service and issue resolution.

Industries That the Product Supports

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Senior Living

Microsoft Products Used

  • Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Connected Field Service

Words from a Client

“Working with Domain 6, from the contract process through implementation, has been a partnership. The team works to understand the business and the intricate details, and then takes that knowledge back to develop a best-in-class solution that is also flexible for the future. From quick turnaround to driving efficiencies, their partnership capabilities make them a part of the team. – Jeff Hummel, CIO of Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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