Transform Your Agents' Payment Process

Royalties and Payouts Management Accelerator is a state-of-the-art solution built for real estate brokerage to manage agents, payments and commissions with ease. 

Quickly Transform Your Commission Management Processes With Pre-built Solutions

Manage Your Agents' Commissions Quickly and Efficiently

Improve efficacy, efficiency, and time to market with streamlined operations, automated processes, and data-driven insights.

Enhance Agent Experience

Simplify agent onboarding and give agents and distributors the means to see all their information in a user-friendly experience.


Track all transactions and receivables to make sure you pay your agents for deals based on recognized revenue.


Connect to different systems and create workflows that cross all the underlying technology by leveraging powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365.

Get Up-and-Running in Record Time, and Deliver Quantifiable ROI

Empower your business with our purpose-built industry accelerator that adds quality and brings best business practices to your operations.

See Royalties and Payouts Management Accelerator in Action


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