Power Teams 365

Reimagine the professional services companies as digital enterprises.

Become a data-driven professional services organization.

High-performing professional services organizations must be able to make quick decisions in all aspects of their business from sales through talent management, project planning and execution to financial management.

Domain 6 is excited to deliver Power Teams 365 by Bulpros, a holistic business automation and collaboration suite for data-driven professional services – one place where team members and customers meet, discuss and interact with the help of business processes augmented with intelligent insights, leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Teams Platform.


Talent Pool Effectiveness

Efficiently manage people and capabilities to improve resource utilization and ensure optimal resource allocation.

Business Processes Coherency

Streamline key processes within the whole organization, align different areas of business and business units in a single process framework.

Successful Project Delivery

Get real-time access to information and processes, monitor project performance from initiation to completion in order to prevent cost overruns and ensure on-time, on-budget and goal-based project delivery.

Connected Resources, Projects & Clients

Build end-to-end processes that streamline the communication between the different business areas, clients, projects and resources across the entire organization with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and achieving economies of scale.

Improved Team Collaboration

Empower project teams and boost team productivity through integrated project collaboration tools and solutions, unified communications platforms, and enterprise social networking.

Integrated Holistic Solutions

Connect all your solutions and systems applying different scenarios for integration of project management tools, CRM, business intelligence tools, etc.

Reimagine the Professional Services Companies as Digital Enterprises. Want to know how?

Success Stories by Bulpros

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Improved Organizational Performance through Implementing a Data-driven Solution

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