Construction Hub

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Respond Faster on Your Construction Sites

Construction Hub is a Power App that can be deployed in seven days. Manage your crew and subcontractors' check-in/check-out, ensure safety across all construction sites and enable your team to communicate quickly.

Ensure Safe Operations on Construction Sites

Adhere to the Latest Compliance Standards

Communicate Across Crews and Subcontractors


  • Electronic registration of crew check-in and check-outs.
  • Manage site safety and your compliance such as maximum headcount, etc.
  • Track, monitor and store health metrics, contacts, crew member interaction.
  • Capture all compliance and regulation documents in a central location for easier reporting.
  • Simplify communication across your organization with easy-to-build templates and email communication for important announcements.
  • Empower team members to communicate quickly by providing them with visibility across your construction sites.
  • Record maintenance of all crew communications, documentation and agreements.
  • Easily report on compliance and readiness-related activities.
  • Receive automatic alerts when documents/agreements expire.
  • Track site preparation activities.
  • Limit the number of crew members who work on-site and automate escalations when health stats are abnormal.

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