Real Estate Brokerage Firms

Manage sales, operations, and agent relationships to onboard reps quickly and start making money

A solution that accelerates agent onboarding while ensuring compliance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our tailored Industry Accelerators help ensure your real estate brokerage firm performs at 110%. Brokers & agents perform best when they have access to technology that helps drive more sales.

  • Brokers Onboarding
  • Transaction Management
  • Commissions & Fees
  • Payout & Finance

When recruiting agents or agencies to help you with your trading, the first impressions are the most important. Smooth and simplified agent onboarding is key to the success of the relationship. Use proper technology to help agents get on board quickly so they can focus on sales and serving customer, not doing complex paper.

  • Register and track deals of multiple types, including listings, purchases, rentals and new developments.
  • Easily manage business workflows to help you support and automate the deal approval and execution lifecycle.
  • Automate the management of referrals and reconfigure deal fees or add custom ones when needed easily and quickly without the need of an accountant or technology expert.
  • Eliminate the one-size-fits-all commission structure and build unique and complex agent commission plans and schedules.
  • Remove manual processes associated with managing plans.
  • Quickly and easily deploy the Royalty and Payouts Accelerator to help you speed up your agents’ commissions payout and maintain a great agent and customer experience.
  • Gain the visibility needed to run a smooth operation across regions or territories.
  • Track deal profitability and different regions’ performance.
  • Monitor company dollars, marketing spends, and other vendor costs easily and be able to drill down to each deal or territory.

How one real estate brokerage firm used Microsoft Dynamics to accelerate their growth strategy

From a Client

“Working with Domain 6, from the contract process through implementation, has been a partnership. The team works to understand the business and the intricate details, and then takes that knowledge back to develop a best-in-class solution that is also flexible for the future. From quick turnaround to driving efficiencies, their partnership capabilities make them a part of the team."

Jeff Hummel, CTO at Douglas Elliman

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