Asset Management

Improve transparency and efficiency of your property asset management with Domain 6 software

Manage Your Assets Quickly and Efficiently

Built on industry-leading business application Microsoft Dynamics 365, Domain 6’s Asset Management Accelerator helps organizations manage all sorts of complex structures, giving you visibility over complete portfolio of assets you own or operate. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and Dynamics 365, Asset Management Accelerator breaks down data silos created by traditional solutions.


The concept of an accelerator is to bring 80% of the functionality needed for your industry in an easily deployable package that is maintained by Domain 6. An industry accelerator helps you bring a standard and best practice business process to your Dynamics 365 implementation.

Gain portfolio visibility

Get a complete 360-degree view of the assets owned, funded or rented to help you assess the proper value of the property in play.

Attract the investors

Attract the right investors and make a correct property valuation by tracking asset financials.​
Maintain detailed communication with your investors to provide an outstanding experience​ ​

Enhance reporting

Simplified and embedded reporting and analytics experience​. Enhanced analytics with PowerBI visualization tools​. ​



4 Reasons Why Templatized Implementation is the Right Choice for You

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