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Solutions to help you track, manage and maintain jobs and work orders

Become a customer-focused construction firm.

With a comprehensive end-to-end ERP and CRM solution from Microsoft, construction firms are able to simplify and enhance their operational efficiencies and support all aspects of their value chain.




Revenue Growth

Streamline your business promotion process and improve bid to win ratio. Ensure accuracy of bids and traceability. Improve intercompany collaboration on bids.

Cost Reduction

Increase your project margins through efficient contracts and billings, improved efficiency and on-site labor, better forecasting, faster analysis and project issues resolution.

Asset Efficiencies

Get higher returns on assets by significantly reducing unplanned outages, maintenance and repair costs. Increase wrench time through better scheduling.


Managing bids and estimation is the most critical aspect of growing the business. Having the ability to manage the request for a proposal or quote efficiently and across the different team members is imperative to the success of the job you are trying the execute.

  • Quickly manage incoming RFP requests 
  • Collaborate with different team members to produce the winning bids 
  • Send submittals and receive transmittals of documents and drawing 
  • Have a clear and defined checklist for client engagements 
  • Track all work correspondence and documents 

Running multiple jobs could prove a bit cumbersome: juggling resources, tracking subcontractors, managing safety and compliance, tracking milestones, and keeping the job on budget and on time. With all of these being critical to the success of the job, your need for a solid resources management, work order management, and job costing system is high.

  • Track crew on the job and close proper activities 
  • Manage and track milestones based on nodes or quantity completed 
  • Efficiently track materials being consumed during the different phases of the job 
  • Support the electronic reporting of the commissioning checklist 
  • Track job budgets, forecasts, and change orders 

Things break and they need to be fixed quickly. Work Order Management in Dynamics 365 allows you to quickly capture known information from multiple sources and determine the best course of action for first-call resolution. This ensures that technician time is optimally utilized, and the person inconvenienced is delighted with their experience.

Monitoring budgets and actuals shouldn’t be a cumbersome exercise. With Microsoft Dynamics, Data Lakes, and Power Bi information is made available to all the project managers, superintendents and your executive teams. With such a powerful technology, the reports are at your fingertips and are available for your team to be consumed on demand,  thus enabling on-time risk prediction and mitigation.

A Quick-Start Guide to Building Resiliency with Customers

From a Client

Working with Domain 6 Team has been a pleasure right from the beginning. They helped us a build a foundation for our digital transformation to keep scaling our business without sacrificing customer experience.

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