Microsoft Power Apps

Solve business challenges with innovative solutions that drive efficiency

Innovation for Everyone

With Microsoft Power Apps, everyone, regardless of skillset, can quickly turn ideas into secure, innovative apps that reduce inefficiencies and solve business challenges. At Domain 6 we have built a suite of Power Apps solutions that can be implemented in 7 days and give real estate companies and senior living communities operators the right tool to quickly respond to crisis.


Microsoft Power Apps Drive Business Efficiency

Apps without risk

Clear the way for innovation by empowering first line workers and business users to develop apps without compromising security or compliance standards

Deploy quickly

Launch working apps in a fraction of the time with a platform designed for agile deployment so you can deliver quickly and continuously evolve features to further benefit your business

Apps without constraints

Streamline app development for non-technical and seasoned team members with out-of-the-box components and limitless customization options

Infuse AI

Automate manual processes with pre-built, AI-infused app components that allow users to leverage built-in intelligence and discover actionable insights with a simple point-and-click


ROI over three years


Reduction in app development costs

3.2 hours/week

Average improvement in line-of-business employee productivity

Domain 6 Power Solutions

Resident care, contact tracing and crisis response for your senior living community

Resident amenity booking, janitorial logging, maintenance staff check-in/check-out, self-guided tours for your properties

Job site check-in/check-out, vitals tracking and mobile document upload in compliance with new COVID-19 regulations

Additional Benefits with Domain 6 Power Solutions

Our Support Desk at a Reduced Hourly Rate

Unlimited Email

Access to Our

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