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Your business is unique. Your business is complicated and has very specific nuances related just to your industry. That is why it is so tough to find a solution that will help you fulfill all of your business needs. To help you solve this we have developed industry specific accelerators that are built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing for easy integration and fast user adoption.

Easily manage all kinds of complex commission structures and payouts for your real estate agents.

No more piles of paper for all your contracts and agreements. Sign all of the documents electronically with DocuSign.

Efficiently manage internal and external lending processes – from loan application all the way up to complete loan repayment.

Manage your most complex portfolio. From land to residential to commercial we can capture key data related to real estate assets so that portfolios can be split, merged, acquired or optimally managed.

Use the power of IoT to enable preventative maintenance for your facilities. Ensure proper work order management and resources management to provide the best service to your customers.

Manage your business properties while enabling compliance with the recent accounting changes.

Take Advantage of Templatized Implementation

We use templatized implementation to get you up an running with our industry accelerators as fast as possible. Get tailored solutions to your unique business needs in less than a week.


Get your implementation time down to a week vs several months, allowing you start doing business faster.


Our templatized approach cuts down the costs, allowing you to bring the most critical business projects to life.


Templatized implementation requires minimum resources from your side, helping your team focus on their day-to day job.

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Domain 6 Inc. is a gold-certified Microsoft Partner whose sole purpose is to help leaders in the real estate industry and senior living market grow and enable their organizations with the right technology solutions. Our team of technology and industry experts help us excel at innovation and service excellence. Our Industry Accelerators help companies quickly build the foundation they need specific to the real estate and property management sector. 

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