Community Hub

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Respond faster to any crisis in your community

Community Hub is a Power App that can be deployed in just seven days. You can do things like crew check-in/check-out, track resident health metrics and respond to outbreaks or critical health issues.

Track contacts for proactive crisis management

Increase safety for residents and staff

Enhance service and unify execution


  • Quickly respond during health emergencies by having data at your fingertips: number of residents under investigation,  number of residents transferred to ICU, etc.
  • Discover trends across the organization and hotspots within specific geographies using a community-wide dashboard.
  • Use insights to identify staffing, equipment and supply needs.
  • Report to stakeholders on crisis management and efforts taken.
  • Empower collaboration between different departments to deliver the best service to residents.
  • Schedule activity reminders, enable escalations and approve service requests immediately for staff.
  • Create seamless communication between residents and their loved ones with Family Portal.
  • Offer easy visit scheduling, visibility into community events, important news and announcements, white-glove concierge service and more.
  • Simplify move-in processes with detailed activities to complete.
  • Manage a resident profile with the ability to include level of care, special needs, medications, interests, hobbies, as well as family and concerned parties’ notes.
  • Automate daily care planning, administration and care tracking.



  • Get insights into your residents’ health and wellness indexes with out-of-the-box capabilities.
  • Implement resident and staff contact tracing.
  • Identify resident risk profiles and detect anomalies across your community trends.

Senior Living Centers Provide Real-time Communications to Keep Residents Safe and Their Families Informed

From a Client

"Working with the Domain 6 Team has been a pleasure right from the beginning. They helped us build a foundation for our digital transformation to keep scaling our business without sacrificing the resident experience."

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