Convert Your Products into Monthly Subscriptions with Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Two engineer worker working together with safety uniform and white helmet to work in industry factory handle tablet.

Over half of companies see their Field Service department as a cost center. They sold a product or leased a property, and the only way to get the customer to close an agreement was to promise to fix things when they break. What if instead of Field Service being a drain it generated revenue on its own? Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help you do just that and has some amazing capabilities, out of the box it including:

  • Automated work order scheduling
  • Technician dispatch
  • Resource scheduling optimization for technician work routes
  • Seamless integration to other Dynamics 365 modules
  • Proactive maintenance through integration with IoT

Just like most software, Dynamics 365 for Field Service can’t be maximally effective without proper alignment with overall business strategy.  To build a roadmap for success it’s important to migrate to an outcome-based service model that not only transforms field service from a cost sink into a revenue stream but gives a much better customer experience.

Question: why do you own a car? Is it because you like that car, or because you need a way to get places? If you like the car, then good for you, but most people just need a reliable way to get places. You own a car because you need the service it provides: i.e. for the outcome of the car and not the car itself. Likewise, your customers are probably not just renting an apartment just because they need a place to live! Now people can live just fine in tents but most people prefer having running water and central heating. Customers want their water to just work, their electricity on, and their AC running. So instead of selling a customer a generator once and offering a warranty on it, you offer to provide the customer with a monthly subscription to electricity and service their electricity when needed.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows you to convert any Product with a one-time payment and a warranty into a service with a monthly subscription. Dynamics 365 for Field Service also allows you to go a step further by providing proactive maintenance through integration with the Internet of Things so that your customers never have to suffer an outage, and use maintenance calls as an opportunity to offer new products that they might be interested in.

By aligning your company’s service strategy with the rich functionality that Dynamics 365 for Field Service can provide, you can turn your service calls from the price you paid for selling more, into a long term profit center that gives customers the best possible service.

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