3 Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Help Your Agents Close Deals Faster

The most efficient way real estate agents can close deals is through more accurate, relevant customer insights. Digital transformation has brought about a technological revolution, providing organizations in the Real Estate industry with more information than ever before. But it’s not just about the sheer quantity of data available – it’s how it can be organized to encourage the right next steps at just the right moment.

Dynamics 365 has recently made major improvements to its Sales module (read our blog post about D365 October release for more features)  and now offers contextual recommendations, relationship insights, and AI-powered capabilities to help you achieve your goals. Here are three ways D365 empowers sales agents to achieve their objectives more quickly.

Prioritizing leads with confidence and precision

The newest iteration of D365 is powered by predictive lead and opportunity scoring, making it significantly easier to focus on the right customers at the right time. The system helps your real estate agents prioritize targets by analyzing the likelihood of a conversion based on a multitude of data points and signals. Information is processed and displayed in scoring models which provide a clear overview of interested customers and their relationship with your organization.

Granular levels of control in relationship management are achieved through AI-powered relationship analytics. Your agents are able to track factors such as the time since the last contact, the customer’s response rate, the number of emails exchanged, meeting frequency and various other activities.  This information is then synthesized into actionable insights which allow your organization to prioritize the next steps with confidence.

The benefits of utilizing relationship intelligence and predictive scoring in D365 are clear: your agents are going to be much more aware of what’s affecting conversion rates and when to engage the most interested customers.

Staying prepared with Who Knows Whom

In the Real Estate industry, first impressions often carry a lot of value. The best real estate agents will proactively prepare for meetings with customers by using every bit of information available to them, including past relationships.

Who knows whom is a D365 functionality which helps you make introductions happen more smoothly and organically by identifying people in your organization who have already interacted with a prospect. The system informs you about all previous interactions, their frequency and relevance. That way, an agent can consult a colleague on the best course of action and ensure a more pleasant customer experience.

D365 also recommends talking points and the customer’s points of interest, contextually suggesting conversation starters based on previous interactions such as emails and meetings. The talking points most likely to lead to a conversion are then presented on the contact card. This can lead to quicker deals and improve the overall quality of customer relationships.

Automating repetitive sales tasks to boost efficiency

Dynamics 365 is capable of analyzing your agents’ actions within the system and suggesting various actions to simplify and automate their efforts. For example, D365 contextually prompts you to create new records, contacts, or activities based on what you created using the notes functionality. Imagine writing down a quick note in the system to set up a meeting with a customer in two weeks. Normally, you would have to review it and manually schedule time to move forward with the sales activities. With the notes analysis feature, D365 will analyze keywords, detect dates and offer to create an appointment for you in mere seconds.

Dynamics 365 can also remind you to review any relevant information or files attached to an account prior to a meeting. It will proactively warn you about any promises or commitments you may have made in your emails or notes that you need to follow up on to ensure success. By freeing up your agents’ time, D365 is allowing your organization to focus on going after objectives rather than wasting hours and hours on manual tasks.


Powered by versatile and ever-improving AI capabilities, D365 is enabling Real Estate agents to close deals faster than ever before. Automating tasks such as data entry and scheduling meetings as well as significantly enhancing relationship insights allows your organization to prioritize leads with more focus and precision.

Thanks to keyword analysis and contextual recommendations for your employees, engaging customers in a more effective, personalized way becomes much easier, leading to quicker sales cycles and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Domain 6 understands the importance of time- and resource-efficiency when closing deals. We specialize in combining next-generation technology with industry expertise for more successful business outcomes. For more information on how you can use Dynamics 365 to achieve better results, feel free to contact our team at sales@domain6inc.com.